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Notes on Elections Day

After more than two weeks of thinking how to compose this blog, I decided to post any election-related thoughts, pictures, links and others that comes to mind.

First election-related realization: I willingly let Ate dragged me into PPCRV volunteer orientation and learned what I should do through a video just a day before elections.

As a result of haste orientation, out of 17 barangays of Caraga, only five barangays were covered by limited volunteers. I thought I was lucky to be assigned in the town center but had misgivings as election day ended. My ever energetic sister offered to render services in the 3rd vote-rich barangay of P.M. Sobrecarey. And lucky her (in truest meaning possible), she had a very interesting story to tell.

Elections in our town was blessed with heavy downpour. Blessing, in my own pleasure, as it provided an extended snuggle against the blankets and foregone the idea of being at the precinct before 7AM. While listening TV coverage of long queues under the sun, I felt truly blessed. I only went a bit berserk when lunchtime neared and we’re still stuck inside the house. Only when a fellow volunteer offered to fetch us. Clad in raincoat and rain shoes, off we went to fulfill our duty as Filipino citizens and a Catholic.

My first major stint on the first-ever automated elections are both fulfilling and patience-testing. Overall, it was good but admittedly, people will prefer unsystematic when it lingers for quite long. Like the queue which was a hopeless case.

Below are the snaps I got while manning the precinct. But I also had to say the Chairperson was superbly efficient and our precinct was the first to transmit without much delays. Plus poll watchers did their part.

Voters queue as they wait for their turn.

Member of BEI searches as the voter looks on.

Voters seriously contemplate their chosen candidates. (Or quite nervous if PCOS will take their ballots.)

While transmission is ongoing, poll watchers take a moment to pose.

Without much delays, PCOS print the results. (And I waited for the PPCRV's 4th copy!)

And more printing from PCOS, the most famous machine of the day (and future Congress sessions to come).

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