Hurting inside for Mr. Vizconde

One of the trending topics on Twitter is Vizconde. It’s also my first time to lost interest in tweeting with all those updates on Vizconde massacre. For a tweet-addict like me, it is highly unusual.

For a child growing up in the 1990s, the tragic massacre of the Vizconde family was deeply rooted in my mind. The images of the three victims plus the movie on them was forever etched in my memory. Fifteen years later, the main suspect walks free. Right after being acquitted, Hubert Webb walks out of the prison. No paperwork can no longer contain him inside his temporary shelter for more than a decade.

What troubled me most is why I felt so bad about it. Blame it to the media, to Lauro Vizconde’s steadfast belief, to the police who ‘brainwashed’ him into believing thatWebb is the main suspect, to that VHS movie which cost us two pesos, to the Philippine justice system, to SC justices who decided on Webb’s innocence, to whatever reasons the world can offer. Why I felt so hurt is the fact that Lauro Vizconde could no longer appeal his quest for justice. After more than a decade of living in the same house where the tragedy happened and he lost his entire family, the final decision was reached. Case over. Just like that.

The case has come to its closure. But how can he find closure, or even make sense, with this turn of event? Will a miracle happen and somebody will come out to admit those crimes? It is unimaginable for a father and husband to embrace such decision.

Yes, we can sympathize with the Webb family with their ordeal. But the greater ordeal is being faced by a man who lost everything. My heart broke just by watching him breaking down after the decision.  This is simply beyond words of pain.

As I grope to find some sense in this event, I prayed for Mr. Vizconde whom I never meet but almost feel his pain. Whatever the future holds for him, I hope he will be assured that justice will be served in God’s time.

I wish this tiny space will give comfort and hope that Mr. Vizconde got a supporter in me.


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  1. Is there a way to contact Mr. Vizconde directly? He needs big help from Govt/Friends/Volunteers

    who can help him avail of this:

    Subject everyone (witnesses and suspects) to this test.

    If this fails, nothing will succeed.

    Fee free to disseminate this info to friends/families/acquaintances/media/government/non-

    government agencies, if justice is to be served at the soonest…

  2. Thanks for this info. I guess the quickest way to reach Mr. Vizconde is through media groups. Happy new year!

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