Earth Hour

Tomorrow is another celebration of Earth Hour. For the past four or three years, our household consist of a sister, a niece and two dogs this year (plus five, as of latest count, adopted cats) observed by turning off our lights of one full hour. It started in Sydney in 2007 and by next year, many countries followed suit. I guess it was also the time we started this annual participation for a noble cause.

First and foremost, the activity is so simple. You just need to turn off lights (excluding appliances) for an hour. For the remaining hours of the year, you have your light.

But there’s more to it than switching off lights for one hour once a year. It’s all about giving people a voice and working together to create a better future for our planet.(

Based on the previous activities, major companies like commercial buildings, malls, factories and many households participated. I even remember that the Mall of Asia, the Philippines’ biggest, was the central location of last year’s celebration. There are similar events in other parts of the country.

On a personal level, as we chatted away under the moonlight and Piper surveyed the gate during the Hour, our neighbors’ lights were on. They haven’t observed it as of last year. I guess limited information and campaign is the factor. So far, I haven’t seen (or maybe missed) any Earth Hour – related campaign or slogan showed in television or printed in newspaper. It could be I haven’t searched thoroughly yet. But tomorrow is the day and the awareness of  general public on Earth Hour hasn’t sinked in.

Though many critics may find it superficial as the planet’s deteriorations showed strong evidences lately, the effects of one hour is impressive. I feel that the responsibility of spreading the work is upon us, the loyal participant of Earth Hour. Tomorrow,  I commit myself to talk it out with neighbors to switch off their lights.

Let’s give our Mother Planet an hour tomorrow. It’s not a hard work at all.


About LiezlPGB

Youngest of three. Mindanaoan. Development worker. Advocate. Dog lover. Movie fanatic. Avid Reader.

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