Kimod means youngest. I always take pride of being the youngest, not only in my immediate family, but also in the entire clan of my mother’s side. Why with Daddy because I am accused of being Daddy’s girl. Whether it’s true or not, I just like the combination of the word. So, there goes the explanation of the blog’s name without any interesting detail to add.

After more than year of being here in WordPress, I decided to keep this blog updated. So far, two reliable organizations who are into online and digital campaigns had recommended the site. I am more than convinced to post my humble takes on the latest issue that simply knock my head off or make me fell of my chair.

Just disclaimer, this is blog represents my personal view and nothing else except those with attributions. Please bear with my grammar and illogical write-ups.

Hope you’ll enjoy the posts and leave any comment. I believed all spams are blocked, anyway. But no unprintable comments, please.


P.S. Check my other blogs via Blogger and Tumblr, too!


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